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The ADA recommends all kids of all ages use a fluoride toothpaste… different amounts for different ages! A smear for 3 years and under, a pea-size for 3 years and up. Fluoride is important to use on baby teeth… it provides protection to the enamel, and keeps baby teeth cared for before they fall out on their own. Remember, the baby teeth in the back of their mouth are there until around age 11 or 12!

  Fluoride occurs naturally in water, but drinking water alone is simply not enough to keep children’s teeth as healthy as they can possibly be. Sure, baby teeth will fall out, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be properly cared for while they’re there....

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Celebrate your Dental Hygienist for caring about your smile and oral health! Do your part by brushing 2x a day, flossing and using fluoride mouthwash to keep your mouth clean and healthy!

Everyone loves a clean mouth, right? And we think keeping that mouth of yours clean on the regular is worth celebrating. In fact, we think it’s worth celebrating not just for a day, but for an entire month; hence, the recognition of the month of October as National...

Remember: Schools are safe, stimulating, and enriching places for children and teens to learn. Families, schools, and communities can work together to help ensure students can safely return to and remain physically together in school this fall, where they need to be.

Safe Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic   As we've learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, going to school in person is how children and teens learn best. Many students also get vital resources they need to thrive at school. With a new school year starting this...

Dentists and healthcare facilities still require masks wore in the office, even though the mandate has been lifted. We are still screening patients and families to keep each other safe. Remember . . . Safety First!!

COVID-19 Vaccines: 7 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know What do flossing, fluoride and the COVID-19 vaccine have in common? Preventing disease. Your dentist cares for your mouth because your oral health is essential to your overall health. Throughout the COVID-19...

A healthy mouth means a healthy body! It’s very important to see your ADA dentist every six months. Shopping for a dental plan can be confusing, but this guide help you make a comfortable decision about your next dental visit.

Dental Benefits: Paying for Dental Care Good oral care habits are about more than just your teeth—a healthy mouth means a healthy body. That’s why it’s so important to see your ADA dentist regularly. Those visits can help prevent and monitor dental health issues that...

The hygienist is one of the first people your child will meet at his/her dental appointment. Greeting the child and building their trust is an important part of the dental experience for both the child and hygienist. We love to see how proud of themselves they are after a successful appt! It is the greatest feeling for the hygienist and also puts parent’s minds at ease. It certainly makes it easier to schedule the next appointment. The goody bag also helps conclude the appt in a happy manner. Read on to see how dental professionals treat pediatric patients to keep the positivity flowing!

Pediatric Prophylaxis: Helpful Hints for Dental Appointments with Children An emphasis on the importance of dental health has increased the number of children seeking dental visits. A study conducted in 2014 reported that 64.6% of children under the age of 18 visited...

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